The Sacred League is a  Player vs Player (PvP) style tournament that consist of live matches, meaning they are against other concurrent captains. This system uses 2 tickets, which replenish by 1 every 15 minutes. The Sacred League is separated into 6 divisions of which a total of 20 captains compete for 1st place. 

At the end of the season, the 1st place finisher is promoted by two divisions, the 2nd - 5th place finishers are promoted by one division whilst the bottom 5 players are demoted/relegated down a division.

Ranking Edit

When you take part in a battle, you earn 2 trophies for a win and lose 1 trophy when you lose.

  • Your "Earned" is the current amount of trophies you have.
  • Your "Overall rank" is your global rank, compared against every other captain. The Top 100 captains get Sacred Shield rewards.
  • Your "Group Rank" is the rank you are in your division. The Top 100 captains get Sacred Shield rewards.

Rewards Edit

You earn Sacred Shields for every league battle you play and extra Sacred Shields if you win that battle. You also earn them if your overall rank is between 1-100 inclusive. The higher your division, the more Sacred Shields you can earn. Here are the possible amount of Sacred Shields you can earn:

Place Overall Rewards Division Place Group Rewards
1st 8000 Sacred Shields League I


200 Sacred Shields

2nd-3rd 100 Sacred Shields
4th-10th 50 Sacred Shields
2nd-5th 5000 Sacred Shields League II 1st

400 Sacred Shields

2nd-3rd 200 Sacred Shields
4th-10th 100 Sacred Shields


3000 Sacred Shields League III 1st 800 Sacred Shields
2nd-3rd 400 Sacred Shields
4th-10th 200 Sacred Shields
11th-20th 2000 Sacred Shields League IV 1st 2000 Sacred Shields
2nd-3rd 800 Sacred Shields
4th-10th 400 Sacred Shields
21st-50th 1000 Sacred Shields League V 1st 3000 Sacred Shields
2nd-3rd 1500 Sacred Shields
4th-10th 800 Sacred Shields
51st-100th 500 Sacred Shields League VI 1st 5000 Sacred Shields
2nd-3rd 3000 Sacred Shields
4th-10th 1500 Sacred Shields

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